Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The answer is in what’s not said

Jenny Hill’s assertion, as reported in today’s Bulletin, that ratepayers and the TCC are now paying the price of the former Thuringowa Council’s failure to keep up with that city’s infrastructure development needs is, I believe, spot-on.

That failure was either a result of incompetence or, as Hill asserts, a deliberate ploy by team Tyrell so that they could enter the amalgamated council race claiming to be debt free managers.

The truth of the matter is in Les’ inability to answer Hill’s argument that the current council has to play catch-up for his past failures and/or election strategy.

Actually, Les does give it way in his “From the Mayor’s Office” piece later in the Bully (page 15 – not available online) - $323.6 million being spent on infrastructure catch-up in the old Thuringowa compared to $83.8 million being spent in the old Townsville city boundaries (all on facilities that, it could be argued, the whole of Townsville/Thuringowa will benefit from/use - Murray stadium, Civic Theatre and Flinders Mall)

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