Monday, 15 February 2010

Who’s that woman? Not an economist I bet

You have to wonder exactly what the nutty Member for Kalgoorlie, Wilson Tuckey, was doing in town over the weekend – he’s certainly no friend of Peter Lindsay’s given what the Prince had to say about him during the first attempt last year to roll Malcolm Turnbull in the party room ("Someone should give Tuckey a big needle...")?
But his support for a female candidate to replace Peter Lindsay is interesting. Could it be that they are trying to resurrect Merle Trembath’s failed political career??   I’d be interested in hearing of any other whispers.

But won’t Colin “trust me I’m and economist” Dwyer be pissed!!

PS: Don’t believe Wilson Tuckey is just a tad nuts?  This was him defending Peter Costello's giving the baby bonus to millionaires."

"I've been in the racing business for many, many years, and we tend to look at the high achievers as those that should have foals."

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