Friday, 12 February 2010

The (temporary) resurrection of Peter Lindsay?

I seldom watch local commercial news programs, and watching WIN News last night reminded me why.

They badged Peter Lindsay as “Shadow Secretary for Defence”. It’s Shadow Parliamentary Secretary (unless he has some practical skills we don’t know about) and he was dumped from the position by Tony “the woman’s friend” Abbott last year when he rolled Malcolm Turnbull last year.

Their online report of the story includes this little gem:
“The arrival comes amid reports Aussie uniforms could be made in China though defence has quashed the claims.”
So… they’re not going to be made in China and they never were. So… why include it in a legitimate story about the need for support service for Defence personnel returning from an overseas tour of duty. Indeed, why include it at all?

Not good enough but an excellent reminder of why I don’t bother to watch them.

Peter would be happy though.

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