Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Bulletin - racist one day, gutless the next

A mate of mine sent the following letter to the Editor of the Bulletin yesterday in response to their “Don’t play race card on crime” editorial (not available online). Typically, they chose not to publish it – clearly because they can’t handle the criticism.

Dear Editor

What a shame that you took the opportunity "to play the race card" and call for Elders to take responsibility for "indigenous Crime out of control" in your editorial on the same day that our local Indigenous Elders were honoured by the Attorney-General for the services they donate to the courts, and other elements of the criminal and juvenile justice system, to bring about better outcomes for the whole community.

It is even more shameful that the catalyst for the latest race based commentary comes on the back of a crime (allegedly) committed by a person with a "dark complexion" who, by virtue of this detailed description, you have obviously tagged as Indigenous.

The third mark of shame is that you then use this offence as a spurious link to call for mandatory rehabilitation programs to deal with "drunken Aborigines”.

To borrow from the vernacular of those who often criticise courts for what they see as leniency, particularly when dealing with Juvenile Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, I would like to see a "three strikes and you are out" policy adopted when dealing with the Editorial practices in our local daily.

More substance and less alarmist commentary would be welcomed by this reader at least.
My own post about the appalling editorial will follow later in the day

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