Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Abbott survives near death experience or a reckless media tart responsible for near murder on the highways?

Lots of online stories this afternoon about the Mad Monk's near death experience today.  Here's the pick of a bad bunch:
Abbott survives near miss with semi-trailer ABC Online
Abbott narrowly avoids highway wipeout Herald Sun
Truckie's 'great job' saves Abbott Australasian Transport News
Lucky escape as Abbott misses semi-trailer crash by seconds WA today
Abbott misses semi-trailer drama by seconds Sydney Morning Herald
Read any one of them - If you apply the same logic he is using in accusing Peter Garrett of "industrial manslaugher", the headines should really read:

Abbott causes near miss with semi-trailer
Abbott narrowly avoids causing highway wipeout
Truckie's 'great job' saves Abbott from culpablity
Lucky escape as Abbott causes semi-trailer crash
Abbott misses responsibility for semi-trailer drama by seconds
Of course, I could also talk about the media's responsibility in this near 'tragedy'.

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