Thursday, 14 January 2010

Where's the news in the Bulletin?

Taking my lead from postings at Mumbrella and Pure Poison, I see that today’s Bulletin has the news of the death of thousands in Haiti’s earthquake as its number 34 story, appearing on page 13 behind stories which include
  • A grass fire south of Ayr
  • An academic pitching for funding to investigate the aphrodisiac effects of a stinger
  • A snake hunting dog
  • A woman in Ayr who got an electric shock from a household appliance
  • 4 teenagers caught mooning motorists at Babinda on Tuesday
  • A 50th wedding anniversary
  • How to do Brisbane on the cheap
By contrast, The Australian had the story on page one – where it should have been.

Fortunately, I worked out long ago not to rely on the Bulletin for actual news.

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