Tuesday, 5 January 2010

More speculation about Herbert

I haven’t seen my hardcopy of The Bulletin yet this morning but judging by their website, the most interesting content is on their feedback page:

Alex E. comments:
A little birdy in the LNP has told me that Peter Lindsay and the Party hierarchy will announce his retirement on 18 February …He also said that Ian McDonald has confirmed that he has no interest in a switch down to the lower house by being Lindsay's successor.
Perennial letter writer and Greens Candidate, Jenny Stirling, later comments that:
My bet is that Colin Dwyer will nominate for the Liberal Party candidacy - he previously ran for the seat of Mundingburra, is an economist and therefore well informed on local economic and development issues...
The LNP rumour about the Prince of Herbert is interesting, but I’ll be surprised if it turns out to be true – unfortunately, as the incumbent, Lindsay is the best chance they have. Although, the bit about McDonald does ring true – he’s smart enough to know that he'd stand no chance and lazy enough to know that the workload in a lower house seat is way beyond what he's used to. (Senators only ever switch to the lower house when they are offered a safe seat and have a realistic shot at the party leadership).

As for Jenny Stirling’s prediction – surely she doesn’t mean that he will nominate for the LNP in Herbert? Col Dwyer might be desperate to get his bum in the leather seats but he would be way out of his league in Federal Parliament.  But then again, I suppose he wouldn’t be the first in that regard!

As for Jenny’s assertion that, because he’s an economist, he’s therefore well informed on local economic and development issues – you have to be kidding!

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