Tuesday, 8 December 2009

He's gone!

The Prince has lost his title as Shadow Defence Parliamentary Secretary and the big fridge (and extra postal allowance) that goes with it. You’ve gotta pity the poor bugger, given that:

  • He committed stay on and to fight the next election in Herbert at the urging of the administrative wing of the Libs (or was it Malcolm???) who know that his incumbency is the only chance they have of holding the seat.
  • He has to fight that election with a leader that he doesn’t support and a global warming policy he doesn’t believe.
All that with a -0.4% margin and a smaller fridge!

Of course it’s a long-shot, but who knows, The Prince may yet cross the floor with Malcolm Turmoil and vote against The Mad Monk and The Deniers on the ETS.

While that would take balls bigger than I think the Prince has, it could well be the one strategy that saves his bacon.

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