Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Like newspaper editorials, I’ve long argued that the only punters who read Malcolm Weatherup (The Magpie) in The Bulletin are politicians, their minders and other party hacks and of course journalists.

Although a political junkie, I just can’t bring myself to read either. Accordingly, I owe a hat-tip to The Poll Bludger for bringing to my attention this observation by Weatherup yesterday:

If the somewhat partisan Townsville Bulletin commentator Malcolm Weatherup is to be believed, aspirants for Labor preselection in Townsville-based Herbert are 2007 candidate George Colbran, former mayor and Mundingburra by-election veteran Tony Mooney …, Townsville city councillor Jenny Hill and James Cook University psychology student Primus Innes Parker.
The interesting thing about Weatherup’s piece is the apparent appearance of Primus Parker in the contest for ALP preselection for Herbert. While I suspect that his chances are slim to non-existent, the interesting question is whether his candidature (if it comes to pass) is an attempt to split the vote in a local plebiscite and, if it is, which of the three main contenders would benefit? My guess is Mooney.

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