Sunday, 22 November 2009

My most shamefull addiction

To be honest - it's my addiction to newsprint that drives me each week to buy the Sunday paper.

Today's Sunday Mail confirms just how shameful that addiction really is.

Page three is fully taken-up with a mindless story (not available on-line) about a British dog (no! not even an Australian dog) with a weight problem, the efforts of the RSPCA there to reduce its size from 70 kilos to a more healthy 35 kilos and the banning of its obviously stupid and irresponsible owner from keeping pets for 10 years.

Page 45 (yes, that’s page 45) carries a 1/4 page report (not available on-line) of a Qld Council of Social Service study showing that over 1,700 people die each year in Qld (that’s 30 a week) as a result of their living poverty and that some $1.22 billion a year could be saved in the State's public hospital bill if the issue was properly addressed. (Link not yet available but check the QCOSS site in a few days).

There is no way this rag can be called a Newspaper!

Any advice on how to overcome my shamefull newsprint addiction will be most welcome.

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