Tuesday, 17 November 2009

More twaddle from The Bulletin

Today’s front page headline about the wages bill for TCC Councillors is the sort of beat-up we’ve come to expect from the Bully. Interestingly, the on-line version of the article doesn’t seem to be working!!

The big dollars splashed all over the front page are of course the Total Employment Cost associated with the Councillors.  I'd hazard a guess that very few workers (and a surprising number of employers) have no idea of their Total Employment Cost (as a rule-of-thumb TEC is 3 times salary cost).

But we find when we finally get to Lendl Ryan's full article that the figures for King Les for example include income from other (that is, non-TCC) activities such as Board Directorships.

And if anyone bothers to read all of her article we find buried in the middle an admission that TCC Councillors base salaries are “...still less than counterparts in other parts of the State...”.

So... a complete beat-up – a trash-piece in fact.

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