Tuesday, 3 November 2009

How to post on Blogging Townsville

Tired of what passes as news and current affairs commentary in Townsville?

Blogging Townsville is an irregular, irreverent and, at times, irrelevant commentary on the movers and shakers in our “small rural city somewhere east of Mount Isa”.

Currently, our favourite targets are The Townsville Bulletin, Council and the various pretenders to Throne of Herbert.

If you like what you see (whether you agree with a post or not), why not join the debate by:
  • Reading the Rules of Engagement - them's the rules!
  • Posting a comment on any published article – just click headline of any post and scroll down to find a comments box,
  • Making a guest post – just send it to islander505@gmail.com
  • Become a regular contributor – email me at at islander505@gmail.com and I’ll organise Author access to the blog
I value my anonymity and will do likewise for anyone using the Blog.

1 comment:

Daniel said...

a townsville blog niiice work!!! alot happens in our town, somewhere east of mt isa. will be checking back in and hopefully see this thing grwoing with some heated debate. Congrats townsville blogspot