Tuesday, 10 November 2009

How to get your picture in the Bully #1

You have to admire anyone trying to establish a foothold in a town where Carey Ramm's AEC Group have most of the economic consulting work stitched-up.

The former and possibly aspiring Candidate for Mundingburra has today released a new economic survey for the town  – a welcome addition to our understanding of what’s happening in the local economy and job market.

No doubt it will also be worth a nice photo piece in tomorrow’s Bully (given they are the sole source the report’s data) - which can’t be bad for recognition in either the business or political marketplace.

But really, you’d think that he’d get with the slow death of newspapers and count on-line job adds as well - otherwise the results are meaningless!

Anyone want to take a bet on where the story will appear in tomorrow's Bully or how big the pic will be??

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